Will You Be 1 of a Million?

Click below to see how you can help the Read The Bible Campaign!

  • Pray!

    Just as we believe God's promise that His word will not return to Him empty, but will accomplish the purpose he sent it for (read Isaiah 55:11), we also believe that Jesus was serious when he asked His disciples to pray that the Lord would send workers into the field to make the harvest (read Matthew 9:37).

    So, please pray for us. What greater work can be done than to encourage reading every word of God's word?

  • Encourage your family and friends!

    Send all of your contacts an email about this campaign to enlist 1,000,000 people to read the Bible! Write it yourself, or click here for an example.

    Of course, personal invitations, and just telling people about it every chance you get!

  • Use your social media connections!

    Post about your joy and the benefits that have blessed your life as you read the Bible through!


    You can Like us, and share your thoughts on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/ReadTheBibleThrough.


    Tweeting about the campaign using the #rtbt hash-tag to get 1,000,000 Bible readers.


    Create YouTube videos to upload and share with your friends!

  • Hand out Pocket-cards to share the campaign!

    These cards are a beautiful way to encourage people to join the campaign, even if you can't talk to them. Leave them in restaurants. Pass them out at church. Hand them to people you meet. The more the better! They are professionally designed, beautiful and represent undenominational Christianity at its best!

    These pocket-cards are currently available in lots of 1,000 (for $100) and 10,000 (for $500) in production. This enables not only you and your friends to pass them out everywhere, but for us to reprint and pass them out with our friends also!


    Just click here to contact us about it.

  • Sponsor yourself or others!

    There is no cost for anyone to participate in the Read The Bible Through campaign!

    Yet, it costs about $10 per person for us to create and mail these beautiful award certificates. Although our staff is entirely volunteer, we have web costs, printing costs, mailing costs (which are always rising), various computer and office costs. We don't charge any money to anyone to participate in the campaign, but we can surely use your help to sponsor as many people as possible to read the Word of God.

    Please consider not only sponsoring yourself for $10, but sponsoring a Bible reader per month. $10 per month: what better way is there to evangelize the world than with people reading the word of God! (maybe sponsor 2? or 3? or 10?)

  • Ask your church!

    Quite a few churches are using this program to encourage Bible reading both among their members, in their children's programs, adult programs and in their community.


    This is a great way to encourage Bible knowledge!

  • Donate to advance the Campaign!

    Our expenses are not great, since our staff is volunteer, but we need promotional materials, computers, a web presence, office space, mailing materials and equipment, postage and postage equipment and even things as mundane as computer programs.

    We need repairs to our office spaces (for instance, our roof repairs are definitely temporary). Anything you can do to help will advance Bible knowledge reading across your town, your land, and the world!

    And we need help to be able to reach the people to invite them, especially since we are in the early stages of the campaign.

  • If you know computers, the web or drawing programs!

    We need help with our our website. Either doing the work or paying for the work. Can you help? Click here!

    We need help creating iPhone and Android apps. Either doing the work or paying for the work. Can you help? Click here!

    We need help with our logo & other artistic needs! Either doing the work or paying for the  work. Can you help? Click here!

  • Donating for Bibles

    There was a time when any English speaking home would have a Bible to read, although far too may were covered in dust. But we are experiencing more and more people who do not have Bibles.

    In non-English countries, getting Bibles is often a problem.

    If you want to donate any amount toward giving Bibles to people who earnestly desire to read them, please consider helping us with this effort.

    There are few more powerful combinations than providing a Bible to an eager mind, and the encouragement the Read The Bible Through!

    Click here to contact us about this!

This un-denominational Campaign is without cost to the participants and is being sponsored by