Will You Be 1 of a Million?

Click below to read these Frequently Asked Questions about the Read The Bible Campaign!

  • What is the Read The Bible Through Campaign?

    The Read the Bible Through Campaign is a simple, undenominational effort to encourage both Christians and other spiritually minded people to read the Bible through, every verse, and to provide encouragement to do this by simply providing a free recognition certificate to those who affirm that they have completed the goal.

  • How much does it cost?

    Nothing. That is, nothing for anyone who wants to participate and receive a their certificate. Not ever.

    However, it does cost us. So, we do accept one-time and also recurring donations. Email us if you are interested in sponsoring some aspect of our work (click here).

  • What method should I use?

    Use any method that works for you. We think you will find that our reading strategy chart (730 individual readings) will be one of the most helpful methods. We have put a lot of work in designing it. But there are many other charts or methods. So pick one that works for you, and Read The Bible Through!

    Just let us know by registering with us and keeping us up on your progress. It will encourage you, and others to know they are not alone!

  • What if I've already read the Bible through?

    Congratulations! You've accomplished a spiritual milestone that few others have reached! Simply fill out our on-line form that says "I've Done It!" and we will send your certificate. No charge!

  • What if I don't use your chart?

    That is just fine! You will find it easy to mark your reading progress on our chart whenever you are ready to tell us that you have read 100, 250, 500 sections so that we can recognize your achievement.

    Or, we will recognize your achievement when you have read 155 chapters, 400 chapters, 800 chapters and then the whole Bible (1, 189 chapters). Just let us know. Click here to let us know your progress.

    Recognition like this serves as a great encouragement to people, so we really hope you'll take the time to let us know.

    And, of course, you finish the whole Bible just download and submit our "I have done it!" form so we can send you your award certificate.

  • Can someone read the Bible to me?

    Yes! Whether by audio or by someone reading it to you in person, that's great.

  • Can I share this program with someone else?

    Absolutely! We need every person to spread the word and invite others to take this challenge. We will be happy to give you cards you can hand to friends that will tell them how to participate. Just contact us.

    Or, you can simply direct them to this website: ReadTheBibleThrough.net

  • If you know computers or drawing programs!

    We need help with our our website. Either doing the work or paying for the work. Can you help? Click here!

    We need help creating iPhone and Android apps. Either doing the work or paying for the work. Can you help? Click here!

    We need help with our logo & other artistic needs! Either doing the work or paying for the  work. Can you help? Click here!

  • Do you accept donations?

    Although we do not generally ask for donations, Yes, we do accept donations for this important work! We are very pleased that you are interested.

    And, there are many ways you can help without donating. To know more about these, click here.

    If you are interested in donating, please click here.

This un-denominational Campaign is without cost to the participants and is being sponsored by